Your Personality is Amazing, Now It's Time to Own It!

I Dare You To Pick Two Things RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

Did your brain just say nothing about you is amazing? I heard it and we'll change that.

You're amazing. I'm amazing. We're all amazing. For the simple fact that we are unique. Can you even wrap your head around the fact that no one else on earth is like you?

We all have things that make us amazing and it's time to really celebrate what they are. It's time to focus on how great you are so you can spread it around.

You need confidence to go get your dreams. You need confidence to figure out what those dreams are. Without confidence you will stay exactly where you are, doing exactly what you are doing.

Which is fine if it makes you happy.

But, what if you grabbed just one thing you are amazing at and shared it everywhere? What kind of change could you bring to those around you and how much more happiness would it bring you?

Own Your Confidence

Many of us were taught not to brag about ourselves and it stops us from focusing on pieces in our lives that we rock. You're going to make a short list of your favorite qualities and tell the world why they are your favorite.

Your confidence isn't just your inner critic that we need to tell to zip it. It's seeing that you've been trained that owning how amazing you are is bragging and bragging is bad.

Sure, bragging is rude, but owning truths about yourself is NOT BRAGGING. Realizing that you rock at something is the only way to share great things with others. Aren't we supposed to share more?

Stop listening to the inner critic telling you it's bragging to talk about how great you are.

Tell yourself that you will no longer listen to the mean people in your life that put you down more than they build you up.

Realize that you were trained by watching the powerful women in your life and how they were treated.

Then put it aside and focus on what you like about yourself. We can't change the past, but we can acknowledge how it led us here and make changes right this minute.

Join me for a free workshop

January 23rd at 8pm EST/5pm PST

val selby

A Little About Me.

Hi, I’m Val Selby and I come from a long line of women who put everyone else in their life ahead of themselves.

But that hasn't been my biggest struggle. My biggest was realizing that things about my personality that some told me I needed to change were actually my strengths. They are my Dammits and trying to change them was destroying me. Fighting who I was meant to be put me into depression and left me lost.

Introducing the Dammit,

I Like This About Myself Workshop

I'm asking you to find 2 things (dammits) that make you amazing. Why 2?

Often you can listen to others and find a quick first one that may not really be what you are all about, but that second one takes a little digging and that second one is most probably a big one you are holding back.

The Dammit, I Like This About Myself workshop is a small time investment in you that brings quick results. Imagine looking in the mirror and giving a wink because you know that hottie staring back is damn amazing.

I want you to get your swagger on! I want your shoulders back and direct eye contact because you know you rock.

I'm keeping this simple.

  • Pay attention to things that you are good at.
  • Find two things that make you amazing.
  • Come to terms with how outside sources may be holding you back from loving yourself.
dammit I like this about myself workshop

Are You Ready To Say...

If so, then let's get to baby-steppin'.

This is how you'll do the work:

  • Meet me on January 23rd for live coaching. (replay will be available)
  • Use the worksheets to keep track of the quick work you'll do.
  • Print out the social poster and share it for an added bonus. I want to see ownership!

I'm not kidding that I'm keeping this simple. Self-improvement does not always have to blow your mind and be difficult. Starting is the hardest step, so let's make the little changes right now for you to gain confidence and improve your happiness because you deserve to live as your best self.

Walk away from this workshop with 2 DAMMITs you like about yourself!

This workshop runs live for $67, but I'm kicking off 2020 so you get...


Live boldly,

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