Is The Silence Deafening In Your House?

This is a statement I hear over and over again from my empty nest clients.


They, like you, were stuck in the transition from full momma mode to life is open. Your world is now wide open and with that freedom comes a huge pile of discomfort.

It's time to be ReInspired

You had one main job that you embraced for decades and you ROCKED it. Your kids are now adults and living life. You accomplished the ultimate goal!

Now what?

How do you transition from that life encompassing position of being momma?

What in the world do you want to do now?

Who the hell are you now without being "so-n-so's mom"?

What will Your ReInspiration Look Like?

It's time to truly focus on you and your wants.


Your big, first life purpose was raising your rugrats. Now it's time to get clear on your next awesome life purpose.


Time for more than ideas, create an achieveable action plan to make that purpose a reality that will not take hours a day.


Find out who you are beyond a mother and wife. Then get to loving who she is.


As you are transitioning into new ideas and roles that inner critic is going to pop up. We'll acknowledge it and not let it rule you.


Dreams can be fantasies or goals unrealized. As your responsibilities grew your dreams were pushed aside. It's time to remember how to dream big & small.


It's time to have the confidence that YOU have the power to make all things happen.

Empty Nest

ReInspiration Plan

I'm combining my decades of coaching experience setting goals and problem solving, with my ability to ask the correct questions to dig out what you really want to do next. This program will help you come up with your next step in your life purpose and an action plan to make it happen.

You are still young enough to go after any goal. 

What do you dream of?

It's time to remember those goals and dreams you had as a kid. I know there are multiple dreams inside of you that you are telling yourself aren't possible.


My Clients

Val's coaching was spot on for me

She has been through similar situations, which helped her to relate to me. I am an empty-nester who is ready to start the next chapter.

Elizabeth H.

I had forgotten how to dream

I was scared to dream big and bold. I didn't think I even I knew how! And I was definitely having trouble asking for what I wanted. Because I couldn't find the words to say what I wanted! So, I was super glad for Val's help in figuring out what bold dream I'd been hiding and how to ask for what I wanted. 

Jennifer B.

Your Empty Nest ReInspiration Plan


  • Massive celebration of ALL the things you've done.
  • Why do you want change?
  • Tackle your inner critic.


Gain Permission to change
  • Security blankets & choices.
  • What the hell is self-care anyway?
  • Committment to the most important person in your life...YOU


Fun dive into the past
  • Your inner-child still wants goals to happen.
  • Relearning how to dream.
  • Acknowledgement of changes we needed to make over the years.


Your Dream life
  • Dare to dream & envision the "ridiculous".
  • Your possibilities are only limited to the energy you want to give. 
  • How your dreams & possibilities are already colliding.


so many ideas!
  • Pick one exciting idea and know why it excites you.
  • Create a plan for the down days.
  • Decide where to start.


Time for action!!!
  • Personal action plan with realistic deadlines.
  • Plan for milestone celebrations.
  • The knowledge that you are now on your way to your next life purpose.

new Purpose awaits you

Don't put your dreams on hold a minute longer

How You'll Create Your ReInspiration Plan

Here's the details about how we will work together and create your next life purpose.

You are not doing this alone. Think of this as a training AND a friend all in one program.

  • 6 personal coaching sessions that will walk you through celebrating and acknowledging all you have done so far as you decide on the next thing to bring excitement to your days now that the kids are adults. Each session is 30 minutes with plenty of time for my guided training, discussion and questions.
  • Access to a full, online toolkit containing worksheets, checklists, and other tools to brainstorm ideas, find the things you are already loving, pinpoint your next choice and create an action plan.
  • Unlimited Voxer or email coaching between sessions to make sure you don't feel alone as you go through personal growth.

Nitty Gritty Details

Empty Nest ReInspiration Plan is your 6 week, action based, personalized experience to live your best life as an empty nester. 


The Plan will run for full price of $1200. 

I have 2 spots left at launch price.

Today your Plan is only $447!

Find Your New Life Purpose

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


If, for any reason, you don't like the program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days from your purchase. You can put in a ticket to my help desk or respond to any of the emails you have received after signing up.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it such a low price?

I have ran all of the programs I am guiding you through in this plan, but not in this exact format. Grabbing one of the launch spots means you understand I will be asking for a lot of feedback and interaction with you in order to improve the Plan for the future full launch. Running it in BETA is also a way to get truthful testimonials from those that have gone through the program.

I improve what I'm doing, YOU get a full program and a lot of my attention for a fraction of the price.

When can I schedule my sessions?

For the best return on this plan, sessions need to be set up weekly. There is quite a bit of flexibility in my schedule. I'm PST and 9am is the earliest I can be human lol Hit me up and lets talk about times if you are worried it might be an issue.