Are you aware of all the wonderful things happening in your life right this minute?

You Are A Busy Lady!

Are you taking time to enjoy the reasons you are so busy?

We go through times in our lives that we are run ragged and stretched to about breaking. Those times are when we really need to focus on the great things going on to help us push through. 

But, if someone tells you to journal one more time you are going to lose your mind am I right? lol

I get it. I've been there. You need to start somewhere with a focus on the good in your life and I want to introduce you to how you can fit it in NO MATTER WHAT.

Introducing the It's the Little Things Workshop

it's the little things gratitude workshop

There is no need to be overwhelmed and cranky as you work on yourself. I created audios as if I still had the kids running around to different events, and working and trying to balance the entire household while my husband may or may not be coming home from work that day. You know, a usual day in a busy life. 

My goal for you is to start recognizing all the awesome stuff going on every single day. Because you are busy, I want to keep it easy.

I'll send you daily emails with quick audios that you can click on right from that email. You don't even have to read the email. Just click the link at the top of it and listen.

These short audios will be 1-5 minutes of getting right to the point and an action step. An action step you will do right in that minute. 

You can listen to them while you are waiting in traffic or sitting in the school parking lot waiting for practice to get out. I've kept them family friendly, so you can listen while carpooling the kids to and from school and they can even practice some gratitude with you. Make it a family workshop.

Yes, the audios are the main thing I want you to use and grow with quickly. If you do nothing else in the workshop, the audios alone will get you started creating new habits of gratitude and you will see changes.

Listening to the audios and doing the quick daily thinking I suggest will get you on a roll of finding the positive and creating a new habit of gratitude as you learn to look at the little things.

But to really solidify it I'm going to say the J word.

I have journal pages for writing down each days thoughts. Since you've already listened to the quick audio, your mind is already thinking about the topic. Writing down your thoughts is quick and really solidifies their impact.

And I'm not looking for you to write a 2000 word essay or even complete sentences. These journal pages are quick and if all you write is a few words or 2-3 sentences then you are making your thoughts more powerful.

Why Focus On Gratitude?

There's a lot of negative thrown at us from various sources. It's easy to get weighed down by it, especially if people in our life are negative.

However, there is a lot of good thrown at us as well that gets ignored. Our brains are wired to grab the negative stuff to protect us.

It is just as easy to create an environment around you that people are more positive and sharing good stories as it is to focus on the negative. It's possible for you to start noticing how many outside sources are throwing positive stories at you. It's a matter of retraining what you are looking for.

Why would you want to do the work?

  • Being positive is going to improve your relationships.
  • People will want to be around your positive vibe.
  • You will see more of the good going on in the world and improve on it.
  • It will make you happier and more confident.

That's a lot for some simple steps. But, I know for a fact it works because I've done it. When the world has been crashing down, I've changed my mindset so I could focus on what needed to happen to get us through tough, busy seasons in our life. As the matriarch, the family feeds off your vibe. If you bring more positive energy to the day, so will they.

Here's What You'll Get

  • 14 daily emails to get you motivated to make change.
  • 14 super quick audios to listen to anywhere, anytime. You will start thinking positive thoughts as you listen and contemplate.
  • 14 journal prompts to really solidify each day's thoughts as you listened to the quick audios.

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