After All These Years, Doing All The Things, Taking Care Of Everyone Else... Are You Finally Ready To Rock Your OWN Dreams?

All I Can Say, Is It's About TIME!

I talk to women over 40 who haven't given thought to their own dreams in ages - and I know why.  

We go through life fulfilling all these roles.

We're wife, mother, sports parent, troop pack leader, soldier, employee, volunteer... and we've loved them all, right? I know I have!

But how much did we find we had to change ourselves to fit these roles and make other people happy?

We've been told so often to change who we are to fulfill other people's expectations, that we have actually lost track of we really are. 

Is it any wonder, we forgot our own dreams along the way?

It's time to reclaim US.

It's time for YOU to reclaim YOU!

Let's Reclaim Our Life & Dreams!

Taking true ownership of you is the key to reconnecting with your dream and finding confidence to really go after it.

val selby your bold life

A Little About Me.

Hi, I’m Val Selby and just like you, I've been through years of putting everyone else first - to the point where I didn't even know what I wanted anymore. It sucked :(

Years as the wife of a firefighter, mom to amazing sports loving children, and daughter to 3 sets of loving parents, I was making everyone else feel taken care of - but rarely myself.

Through an exciting journey of self re-discovery, I found my old awesome self and DAMMIT I like her!  All the parts of myself I'd tucked away and tried to change have come back out to play and I'm here to tell you, it's fricking awesome!

When You Embrace The True You, You WILL Create The Bold Life Of Your Dreams

I'm so excited that you're choosing to focus on you now.

You're so deserving of all the things and stuffs you want.

Travel, change careers, starting a business, creating a book club, joining a new charity, starting a new charity - whatever the vision is, it's your turn and anything is possible.

move boldly forward journey

Move Boldly Forward!

Claim Two Dream Tingling Weeks Just For YOU!

Join me for the Move Boldly Forward Group Coaching Experience and we will focus on what makes you YOU. 

You will dream big, let fear based crap go and ask yourself... what if I can?

Together we are going to squash any guilt that comes up about putting you first. 

As a group, we'll dig into the talents and dreams you've buried all these years.

Session 1: Introduction to DAMMITS!

We will get clear on what your DAMMITs (strong personality traits) are and multiple ways they can be used for good. This will turn into a fun brainstorming activity using your personal Trello board.

Session 2: Your Action Plan

It's time for you to narrow down a goal that will combine your DAMMITs, your talents, and one of your dreams. EEEK, just typing that gives me chills. 

Session 3: Dealing with Resistance

Resistance is knocking and we'll address it. Your action plan is in motion and here comes your self-talk. Are you going to tell her to get on board with the plan or will you let her win again? This is also the week we'll make sure those big girly panties are firmly in place as others may be raining on your parade.

Session 4: Celebrations & Future Steps

How do you keep this going? We know there's always another dream to pursue. We'll be growing and learning about ourselves forever - and yes, that usually means new obstacles to conquer too! Let's prepare to face them all with boldness!

It's Time To Move Boldly Forward!

Say YES to 2 weeks of live sessions that will make your goals a reality ❤

Our Live Session Schedule - Mark Your Calendars Now:

  • Tuesday, May 26th 
  • Thursday, May 28th
  • Tuesday, June 2nd
  • Thursday, June 4th

We shall meet at 3pm Eastern Every Day for one hour.

What's Also Included:

  • Your Printable Move Boldly Forward Workbook & Journal
  • A Personal Trello Board you'll use to dream and conquer!
  • Yes, Session replays will be quickly available if you ever have to miss.

It's time to take your DAMMITs, your talents and your dreams and combine them into something that excites you!

Join the Small Group Experience for

Only $97...$48

I am tired of hassling with coupons and am leaving this at 50% off,

no coupon needed if you join by Sunday 5/24.

So much good is about to go down. I can't wait to see you hit your goals...with a freakin' smile on your face yelling, "DAMMIT, I LIKE THIS ABOUT MYSELF!"

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Val Selby has a way of showing you how all the things you've felt you had to hide in the past are actually the keys to making your future exciting with possibilities! I can't recommend her enough to anyone who wants to reconnect with their life dreams!

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