Do You Feel Like Being Yourself Isn't Good Enough?

It's Time To Stop Changing Your Personality To Please Others.

Years of being told how to act takes a toll. Constant criticism drags your confidence into the freaking gutter and leaves you wondering if anybody will ever like you just the way you are. Face enough of it and you might just give up and stay in said gutter.

"I can't get it right. Screw it! Gonna go eat some freaking worms."

I felt that statement deeply as I faced an empty nest. I was at my lowest and had given up on ever being good enough. 

Are you there now? Have you gotten to the point that you don't even know who you are anymore because you've squashed everything that makes you YOU?  

I See The Real You.

I see a badass woman who wants to do badass things and I want to hang out with her. I can hear her calling between the words you have been taught to say about yourself.

I hear YOU!

You're amazing for the simple fact that you are here. Can you wrap your head around the fact that no one else on earth is like you? I sure as hell couldn't just 7 short years ago.

own your personality

You have things that make you amazing and it's time to celebrate them. It's time to focus on how great you are so you can spread it around like you were born to.

You need confidence to go after your dreams. Otherwise, you will stay exactly where you are, doing exactly what you are doing.

You were made for more than that.

What if owning just one personality trait that makes you YOU is enough to make big changes in your life?  What if that led to big changes to those around you, maybe even the world?

That is the power of living as your best self. 

Time To Own Your Personality

You're taught that talking about your talents is bragging. This piece of useless crap stops you from focusing on things in your life that you rock at. It keeps you playing small when you know your stuff. You should be playing as big as YOU want.

What if that trait you've been told to change and tone down is the part of your personality that makes incredible things happen?

Your confidence isn't just telling your inner critic to zip it. It's seeing that you've been trained that owning who you are is bragging and bragging is bad.

Owning truths about yourself is NOT BRAGGING. Realizing that you rock at something is the only way to share great things with others. What is wrong with sharing your truths?

Stop listening to the inner critic telling you it's wrong to talk about your greatness.

Tell yourself that you will no longer listen to the people in your life that put you down more than they build you up.

Realize that you were trained by watching the powerful women in your life and how they allowed others to treat them.

Then put them all aside and focus on what you like about yourself. We can't change the past, but we can acknowledge how it led us here and make changes right this minute.

val selby your bold life

Why Join Me?

Hi, I’m Val Selby and I come from a long line of women who put everyone else in their life ahead of themselves. I don't kick myself for it. I can look at it all as a lesson.

But when the kids graduated I felt completely lost. I decided I didn't want to remain spiralling in confusion.

I'm thankful for a party where I realized how miserable I was making myself by trying to please everyone.  I realized that for some I'm "too much" and I don't care anymore. I'm loud. I'm opinionated. I'm a sharer. I'm passionate about topics. And DAMMIT, I LIKE ALL OF THESE THINGS ABOUT MYSELF! 

stop people pleasing workshop

Introducing the 

Stop People Pleasing 


The Stop People Pleasing workshop is an easy investment in you that brings quick results. Imagine looking in the mirror and giving a wink because you know that hottie staring back is damn amazing.

I want you to get your swagger on! I want your shoulders back and direct eye contact because you know you rock and you can tell others why.

But most of all, I want you to realize the talents you have to offer the world and get excited about sharing them!

I keep this simple.

  • Pay attention to personality traits you are trying to alter.
  • Find two things that make you amazing because of these traits.
  • Come to terms with how outside sources may be holding you back from loving yourself.

Are You Ready To Yell...

If so, then join the Stop People Pleasing workshop and get started right this minute.

This is how you'll do the work:

  • 2 videos designed to get you thinking highly about yourself.
  • Worksheets to keep track of the quick work you'll do.
  • Fun printable. I can't wait for you to use it and publicly own your DAMMITs!

Self-improvement does not have to be packed with lots of homework and take months. Starting is the hardest step, so let's make some little changes right now that will have a big impact on your confidence and improve your happiness.

Walk away from this self-study workshop with 2 personality traits (DAMMITs)

you love about yourself!

Join NOW for only $67

Live boldly,

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Easy Guarantee:

You can request a full refund, no questions asked

within 7 days of purchase.

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