Do Holidays Turn You

Into An Angry Martyr?

You know who's putting all the pressure on how the holidays should be, right?


Aw crap, I let the secret out already.

This year your holidays can be amazing. It all depends on your outlook.

It's easy to get overwhelmed and if you are already low on confidence then it just compounds. But how about this year we say no to overwhelm?

Let's choose happy instead of miserable. Let's choose enjoyment instead of regret.

You have a choice!

I hope you will join me in a celebration of how amazing you can make your holidays. We're going to go through what's keeping the holidays down and then move on past it.

I now embrace that my holidays are not perfect. The years I was striving for perfect I had no fun and I turned into an angry martyr because I felt no one appreciated all I was doing.

They thought the holidays were great. I was ruining them with my unrealistic ideas of the perfection I thought everyone was looking for.


make your holiday season joyful

Let's Spend Some Time Together

I want you to dig into how the holidays can be amazing for you. Only you can decide what amazing will be. BUT, I'm here to guide you to some awesome new ideas.

This is a group experience, but it's all about you.

  • What are your holiday expectations?
  • How were these holiday expectations created?
  • What would make you happy?
  • What new holiday traditions can you create?

Join me for a chat

to create positive changes

and more happiness to

your holiday season.


Monday, November 25th 

at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

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