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I'm looking forward to helping you love your personality AND do great things with it.

You can get ahold of me anytime at

While this is a self-study workshop, you do not have to go it alone. Join us in my Your Bold Life Facebook Group and ask questions or celebrate new ideas. We want to hear it!

Download your ebook and workbook:

Boldly YOU - (zip)

I have a super secret squirrel offer for you to join in on my signature What Do I Want? workshop. Use coupon code SUCCESSFUL to take 50% off.

The WDIW workshop is one that I run live a few times a year and you are hitting it just perfectly with this giveaway. It starts on August 4th and we run for 2 weeks with 4 live sessions.

Video 1 - Why you want to be bold and embrace your personality traits and finding those confidence suckers.

Video 2 - Finding your personality traits and ways you can use them for good!

val selby empowerment coach

I Don't Want You To Change

I'm loud, opinionated, blunt and lacked a filter for longer than many people would have liked.

Did you catch that last part, "longer than many PEOPLE would have liked"?  For decades I was busy trying to fit into everyone's idea of what I was supposed to be instead of embracing why my real friends and family love me.

Read for more about me...

People love you for who you really are.

elizabeth it's mothers turn

Elizabeth made big changes.

I participated in Val’s Me Month , Bold Boundaries and What Do I Want? workshops and she was such a help with pushing me out of my comfort zone, so that I could find the real me and what I want to do now that I am an empty-nester. She is easy to talk to and can listen to you without judgment. testimonial

Laurie embraced a new career 2019

I'm thankful for the workshops Val Selby puts on. She's really helped me think things through and make some big changes in my life. I'm calmer and happier and things are definitely looking up.

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